The Knife Guy


Budd/Julio Solaegui, Owner/Sharpener

Lives in San Diego, and sharpens in the San Joaquin Valley and San Diego. “As a chef/owner said to me the other day, what I do is “a whole ‘nuther’ ball game,” double edge razor sharpness can not be taken for granted, which for any chef, is perfect.

When it comes to home culinarians and students, after I’ve sharpened, they MUST FOCUS on their work when they use their knives until they are familiar with their abilities. If they do that, and learn a few other things, (watch the videos on maintenance, and in FAQ’s, safety, and knife skills ) they might learn or discover abilities they never knew they had before, and enjoy using them for the rest of their lives. “That’s what I enjoy providing.” Not to mention, I’m having a heck of a good time. Feel free to contact me with any sharpening questions or requests for additional information. Be Careful, Budd Solaegui

PS. Born in Stockton, CA. with Mom (pictured above at 90) on the property my father’s family bought in 1904.

Circa 1920, Dad’s 2nd grade teacher changed his name from Julio, to Juell.   In respect to my father, my Spanish Basque heritage, and my appreciation for the Spanish language, I’ve asked my Hispanic chefs to call me Julio.