We sharpen for commercial culinary facilities in the following cities:

San Diego, Coronado, Del Mar, Encinitas, Dana Point, Fresno, La Jolla, Leucadia, Hillcrest, San Diego, Tierrasanta, Clairemont, Carmel Valley, Liberty Station, Rancho Santa Fe,   Selma,  Solana Beach and more.


10 reasons to use Perfect Edge.

  1. No employee time wasted ineffectively maintaining knives.
  2. We closely examine every blade every time. Then, we maintain blades individually at the highest level of quality. Broken tip, gouges, incorrect bows/shape, rounded/dull serrations, bent tips, incorrectly sharpened knives on bad stones or steels, we fix it.
  3. We adhere strictly to our service schedules.
  4. We train your personnel in proper steeling technique.
  5. Our techniques cause absolutely minimal blade shrinkage, but deliberate shrinkage can be necessary on some repairs.
  6. Your employees can finally own quality tools without fear of them being destroyed by unnecessary grinding. Pride in tools = pride in work = quality products.
  7. Our vehicle is equipped with a large assortment of knives, from entry level to the finest Japanese knives, along with knife steels and bags, and the most commonly requested kitchen hand tools.
  8. Sharpening of food processors, buffalo choppers, continuous cutters, emersion blenders, blenders, mandolins, grinder knives and plates. We supply multiple blade tomato cutters and are able to replace the blades on buffalo choppers and mandolines for a substantial savings.
  9. Less knife costs; Sharp edges keep the bloom in refrigerated vegetables. They keep cut produce appetizing so less brown produce is thrown away. Sharp food processor blades improve texture and increase the shelf life of sauces and pesto. Better performance makes sliced portions accurate, and ease of use translates into lower labor costs.
  10. Safety; All knife users agree that the sharper the edge the better the user control. This results in less injuries (just ask the emergency room) resulting in less workers comp expense. With a bad knife injury, insurance companies can penalize a restaurant until they have recouped their medical bills.
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